Friday, September 9, 2011

Hitchhiker at the Cemetery

Hot, hot, hot day! Even though I left at 9:00 am. It got hot fast. First I took the usual ten mile loop that always take through Riverside drive. It was fun seeing the changes in the leaves and the grass. Autumn is approaching quickly!
     I didn't see the sway-backed horse out there today. I hope it is okay. I will have to ride soon just to make sure the horse is well.
     For those of you car drivers out there. Please, please, please, do not honk at bike riders just to get a laugh. It isn't that funny, it definitely isn't original, and it's a guarantee to have me think very evil words towards you. My rant is done.
     Anyway, I took Old Sheridan Road out to the South Yamhill Cemetery. I love that place! It is creepy and serene. It is also the best place in the world to contemplate, life, books, and new plots for ghost stories.
     Yes, I did come up with a fun plot for a ghost story. All the gears in my head are on psycho mode planning the storyline. It does involve the cemetery, bicycles, and that little muddy teddy bear that I saw on the side of the road.


Do you remember him?
Well, I rode back down the road and found that poor little teddy bear stuffed in a ditch. Luckily, I had my backpack with me, so he hitchhiked a ride back to my house and got a bath. He is going to play a very important role in the book.

Here are some interesting pictures of the cemetery too. I think I might slip my laptop into my backpack and ride my bike up there to spend the day writing. It sounds perfect!.

 I loved the lily detail on this gravestone.

By the time I got home, I was boiling hot. But I got 23.3 miles in. I will definitely do the same ride next week.

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