Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hitching a ride on the Wheatland Ferry

     For my latest bike adventure, I hitched a ride across a ferry. Since one of my scenes in my latest novel takes place on a ferry, I wanted to experience what it was like. I chose the Wheatland Ferry in Marion County, Oregon, since it's reasonably close to my house. From the Ferry, I hooked onto the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway and rode north. What a stunning place to ride!
     The Wheatland Ferry is a cable ferry that crosses the Willamette River. Here are my photos of the Ferry ride. 
Wheatland Ferry

Looking at the Willamette River from the Wheatland Ferry
Crew Cabin

Motorcyclists on the Ferry. They were very friendly.

Crossing the Willamette
After riding across the river, I biked along a quiet and almost traffic-free road. Since it's spring time, the air was scented with lilacs and fresh grass. The best part about the Willamette Valley is the bold colors. The trees, the grass, the moss, everything is vivid green.

Wetland along the road
Old Truck buried in the grass
Beautiful field
Along the road I noticed this house. Yes, that is a windmill on top of the house. Just how cool is that? I want a windmill house!
House with a windmill on top
     For my bike ride, I planned on finding two different Cemeteries. I never did find the first one. I know it is off the road in someone's personal property. Next time, I will find it!
     The second cemetery was easy to find. It was out in the middle of a pea field. Bwahahaha, for some reason that just tickled my fancy.
Cemetery out in a pea field
    To get to the cemetery, I went past this cute old church in the tiny town of St. Louis. Yes, there is a St. Louis, Oregon. I live within 30 minutes of the town and never knew it existed.  

St. Louis church
    From the church, I biked down a little gravel road to the cemetery. I was thrilled to see so many old grave markers at the cemetery.
My spiffy bike.I had to bring Edgar along.
Lots of crosses on the headstones

Huge wrought-iron cross on a grave

I'm always looking for interesting names for characters in my books. I love this name: Felix Gregoire  :D
      I plan on going back to that area to bike some more. Expect more blog posts soon.