Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Witch's Castle in Forest Park, Portland

     Because my bike is dismantled, I have to rely on my feet for exercise. Today I took an amazing hike with my buddy, Adrienne. We went to Forest Park in Portland, Oregon.  
     We had a wonderful time hiking up the West Hills looking at all of the old, beautiful houses and hiking through the trails in search of the Witch's Castle.
    We did find the castle. It was originally built in the 1930's as a pit stop, and yes, it is just as romantic, and creepy, and overgrown as the name suggests. I went psycho and took tons of pictures.
     Funny thing about those photos. In several of the pictures, you can see smokey looking swirls. I have no idea what caused those swirls. They would be in one photo, but not the next, even though I took them only seconds apart. Of course the story-teller inside me insists that it must be a ghost; because with a name like the Witch's Castle, it must be haunted.
     Here are some of my lovely photos. Have fun speculating about the "spirits".



  1. Very interesting. I want to go to that place sometime ;)

  2. If you guys ever come up to Portland we can go there. The hike is easy, even for kids. It would be fun


    1. My wife found the above web site which talks about this structure and the area and how people photograph orbs etc. there.