Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Naughty Girls get Haunted

Ooh, I've been a naughty girl. I'm just asking to be haunted. I left that beautiful little pumpkin at Joseph Houk's grave, then I didn't come back to clear it up all winter. Now it looks like this. Blech, can you see the slug on the pumpkin?

     Aren't you grateful that I shared that photo with you? 

     But I quickly remedied the situation. I cleaned up the nasty mess and planted daffodils next to Joseph's headstone and the broken, anonymous one next to him. I have officially dubbed this grave "Edgar's grave" since it is so prominent in the book I wrote. So here are photos of Joseph and Edgar's graves.

     Speaking of Edgar. In my book, Edgar-the-teddy bear ends up thrown in the trash heap at the cemetery. For anyone interested, the trash heap does exist. But I promise you, the teddy bear I found will never end up in this heap.

     For sunny, damp days like this. I took an emergency blanket and cut it into squares. This makes a nice little seat for me to sit on without getting my big bum all wet from the moist ground. I set up my square on the ground next to the headstones and proceeded to write for awhile.

    I love this cemetery because it isn't over-manicured. So many cemeteries don't allow you to plant flowers near the graves. The grass is always green and nicely trimmed. It is absolutely boring. Every time I visit the South Yamhill Cemetery, there is a new treasure to discover.

There were lots of spring flowers blooming at the cemetery. A patch of violets caught my eye because I could smell them as I walked by. You don't expect such a pleasant smell at a place dedicated for the dead.

Here are a few more photos I took of the cemetery before a bunch of people showed up. I like my solitude. Whenever there are other visitors, I get annoyed and leave. How dare they trespass in my cemetery?  Perhaps, if I am buried there someday, I will haunt anyone who dares to enter my graveyard.


  1. Did you save some of those pumpkin seeds to plant for yourself?

    1. Darn it, I should have. That would have been perfect for my garden. I wonder if I can still find them up in the garbage heap at the cemetery.