Monday, October 10, 2011

A Klutz and a Hero

In the world of klutzy people, I am the clumsiest. I am living proof that anyone can ride a bike. If you don’t believe me, as the hubbyman, he will gladly attest to my lack of dexterity.
Because of my extreme ineptitude, this post is sadly lacking in photos. You see, for the umpteenth billion time, I dropped my camera while biking. But this time, I was idiotic enough to not even realize I dropped it until half-way through the ride.  Waaahhh!
It was such an awesome ride too. I went with my biking buddy Adrienne who is the best person to ride with if you want a completely insane, off-the-wall, spontaneous experience. On this ride, we decided to go to a couple of the cemeteries I visited on my last ride.
We took Old Sheridan Road out to visit South Yamhill Cemetery and McCabe Chapel. The church was decorated with a pumpkin for Autumn.

Here is Adrienne sitting next to the pumpkin.

And I had to have a photo too.

After leaving McCabe we set out towards Oldsville Road.  I had to stop and take a picture of this Llama because you know how much I adore the little buggers.

And I loved these sheep out in the field. It looked so pastoral.

Check out the size of these pumpkins! I love Autumn because of the leaves, pumpkins and sunflowers.

We also passed by a beautiful Vineyard.

The grapes are dark purple and hanging off the vines. I was so tempted to try one. But I was a good girl.

Further on, we got distracted by some apples growing on the side of the road. Since they didn’t appear to belong to anyone, and they were literally falling off the tree and going to waste, we and stopped to fill our backpacks.

This is the last time I remember using my camera.  We went merrily on our way, oblivious that my camera lay hidden deep in the grass after falling out of my pocket.
We rode on to the United Brethren Cemetery where Adrienne wanted to take a picture of me riding up the lone wagon type track with my backpack on, and teddy bear waving to the bystanders. But, to my horror, the camera was gone!
So we had to visit the cemetery sans camera. It was heartbreaking. I was also afraid that I would never see my beloved camera again. It has been through so much and has survived some serious spills while still taking beautiful photos.
At the cemetery, we again picked apples, this time determining to make Persephone pie and crisp out of all the apples we had picked that day. 
Riding back, we searched along the roads. We stopped where we picked the apples, and found nothing. I was in the depths of despair, but Adrienne would not give up. She was determined to find it.
And she did, because she is awesome. So if you ever lose something, ask her to help!
Here is where she found it.

We rushed home and even made it back in time to pick up the kids from school. What a fun ride! We even put in 28 miles that day. Hurrah! 
When I made the crisp, the kids freaked out after learning that the apples had come from a cemetery. They were afraid they would eat essence of dead people.  Funny thing though, it didn't stop them from eating massive amounts of the crisp . 

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