Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finding the Obscure: Vintage Shops of Portland

     Oregon is never dull. There is always something interesting to see. For my latest adventure, my buddy and I took to the streets of Portland, in search of the obscure and noteworthy. Our first stop was the City Liquidator's store. It screamed interesting and unique. I had to grab a photo of the mural on the side of the store.

Inside was just as amusing. There were antique vehicles hanging from the roof including this cute bike.

These helmets and armor are perfect for when I stock up for a zombie attack. I wonder if I can find a katana there?

Look it's an elegant statue of Scooby Doo!

This couch belongs in our house. I want it now!

Leaving the liquidators store, I caught this bike rider pulling a small trailer. It just screamed Portland.

Our next stop took us to Vintage Pink. What a spiffy store. I could spend hours and tons of money at that place. 

 Isn't this tandem bike adorable. It would be fun to ride it with the hubby through the streets of McMinnville.

 I loved the color of this dress. Too bad I'm not skinny enough to dream of wearing it.

Hehe, this would make for an interesting piece of furniture in our house.

Boots appropriate for a zombie attack. In fact, I want them for anytime wear.

I liked these owl salt and pepper shakers. It was only later that I really looked at the squirrel behind the shakers and thought What the heck? I think those are nuts it is holding.

 Cute vintage slippers that are nothing like the above boots, but still fit under Laurie's style.
Driving up in the hills I saw this building. It looks like the perfect place for a haunting. I want to go inside and see what the interior looks like.

My bike is now painted and hubby will start putting it back together soon. Expect another biking post within the month. Can't wait to get back on two wheels.

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