Monday, August 5, 2013

Biking near Yoncalla, Oregon

Biking Near Yoncalla, Oregon

     I took a beautiful fifteen mile bike ride with my husband over the Fourth of July weekend. We started out from Yoncalla, Oregon and biked a loop that including riding through the town of Drain. Yes, I know, they are unique names. I'm sure the residents of Drain have heard every type of pun and insult imaginable.
     It was a beautiful ride, the weather was absolutely perfect and for most of the ways, there was no traffic. Just the type of conditions that I adore.

I love the rolling green hills around Yoncalla.

Starting off, just as we left Yoncalla, we hit a massive, lung-killing hill. No, I didn't bike the whole hill. I died well before the top. When I finally reached the peak, I threw nasty, hateful glances at my husband who biked to the top as if it were a tiny hill. I'm terribly jealous of him and his skinny bum.

there are lots of old farms around Yoncalla that have been there for generations

my skinny-bummed husband

I loved this old truck out in a field

I look happy here because the horrid hill is far behind me. From there on it was pretty flat riding.
 When we reached the town of Drain, we stopped to explore the area. If you ever have a chance to drive through Drain, make sure you visit the Hasard House. They sell spiffy chocolates there.
The Hasard House in Drain, Oregon

Covered bridge in Drain, Oregon

The ride from Drain back to Yoncalla wasn't as fun. There were more cars, and the shoulder was almost nonexistent. I was not a happy camper after a rednecked 4x4 truck zoomed past me with an obnoxious honk that scared the blood right out of me. I admit, unkind words flashed through my mind, and if I had had a James Bond bike with rocket launchers attached, that truck would have been history. But, it was worth going that way just to see all the abandoned buildings. You know how I am about abandoned buildings.


Practically a ghost town

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