Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Bummed Boot Camp week 6

Finally! I've started losing weight again. I am at a 7lb weight loss. And since I'm not doing low carb, I know this isn't water weight. Hurrah!
     It probably helped that I was able to work out for the entire week. No sickness, no laziness, I did it all. I ran, even though my lungs were dying.
     By-the-way, "Pump It" by the Black Eye Peas is the best running song ever. I can't not run when I hear it. I even turn the speed up on my treadmill because that song makes me want to fly.
     Today my runs switch to 5 minute intervals. I admit, I'm nervous, and have done my fair share of whingeing about it. But I am prepared to not stop, no matter what. 
    Since the sun has been so awesome as to bless us with her presence so much this month, I think I will plan a few extra hikes in while I am at it.  I'm hoping for further success when I weigh-in next week.
     Hope everyone out there is moving and grooving. Let me know if you have a favorite song to run to. I'm always on the search for music.

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