Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Beginning

Yes, I'm back! It's January and it's hideously cold outside right now. The chances of me crawling on my bike are below 0%. I'm not a sucker for self-punishment. But it is the beginning of the year, and I'm full-blown resolutionist. I can't help it, that's just my nature.
    So, here's my deal. I worked out hard in 2012. I went to the gym at least 3 times a week, I rode my bike a ton, and I gained 20 lbs. That sucks!
     That means one thing. Something I absolutely hate, but have to do. I have to control those darn calories. So I did the rational thing and bawled my head off, then found a calorie counting website to keep track of my food. So the Big Bummed Girl is now officially at Sparkpeople. My goals this year are to lose 50+ lbs and to bike a century. I'll post weekly here to let you know how it's going, and as soon as that weather is a bit warmer, I'll be back on my bike.
     If anyone is interested, here is my Sparkpage: My Spark Page


  1. Hey... any midwesterner will tell you that 30F is not hideous. -20F or -30F (actually temp, not wind chill) is hideous. There are indoor bikes, too! Want to come ride mine?

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  3. know, I know, I am a wuss. But there you have it, I hate riding in the cold. But I have been riding the bike at the gym. I've even set the resistance really high to help prepare myself for the nasty hills. :D