Thursday, February 14, 2013

February: a month for impatience

     It's been a month and I've lost 11 lbs. I'm dancing the 10 lb weight loss dance. Of course, that means buying a new outfit. I know the next 10 lbs will be harder to lose, so I'm gritting my teeth, prepared to work even harder. This boot camp is really beating my bum, but I wake up feeling motivated and strong. Put a zombie before me, and I'd rip its head right off with my bare hands.
     Now, about my bike. It's all cleaned up and ready for a nice sunny day. I watch the weather reports with impatient longing. I can't wait to get out for a ride. This year I'm determined to face the dreaded hills. There are several interesting and beautiful rides that head up into the mountains west of McMinnville. I also found a couple forsaken cemeteries up there that are begging to be visited. Be prepared for some interesting posts. It's always the off-the-road cemeteries that have the most unusual gravestones. There are so many stories linked to those forgotten lives that are waiting to be rediscovered.

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