Monday, January 16, 2012

Big-Bummed Boot Camp week 3

I admit, this week was a trial. I'm sick of any food that I'm allowed to eat. I'm tired of running, and I actually gained two pounds in the process. Go me!
     I was able to do my running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The running is getting easier, my lungs are getting stronger and my calf muscles aren't strung so tight that I feel their going to snap. I think the weight gain was just stupid water. But it is depressing to work so hard and see no results.
     Another major struggle for me was eating. I went out to eat three times this week. Good grief, what a horrible thing to do to myself. I was very good, and ate my stupid, boring salads. I'm sorry, salads can be delicious, but I have had too many of them, and everything that makes the salads delicious involve carbs. Fail!
    I also missed a weight training day because I spent the entire day driving to Eugene and back. No calories were burned sitting on my bum like that.
      Goal for this week: take measurements. I'm hoping that there are changes going on with my body that aren't showing up on the scale. I also want to make it into the gym all five days. No slacking!


  1. Go go go go .... you're helping me, too.

  2. Thanks! I need to just concentrate on the end result

  3. Keep it up!!!!! You will be so happy later on! And if you're going to gain 2 pounds in a week, eat a burger when you go out to make it worth it!!!!! :o}