Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Bummed Girl has a Biking Buddy

This is my biking buddy, Adrienne. She is the perfect person to ride with because she is crazy and willing to try anything.  Every trip with her is an adventure. Today we rode down Riverside Drive and took the Riverside Loop. Then we headed over to Linnfield College.

Here are photos of us attempting to sit on a fence. I am a klutz, so you are lucky to not see me falling over backwards. Notice I am hanging onto the rail, that stopped me from taking a nosedive.
     The weather was perfect. It was cool for late June, but I liked it because I didn't sweat.  I think I will do this route more often.  There aren't many hills, and you don't have to share the road with many cars.
We rode a total of 15 miles today.

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