Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I now have a bike

I have obtained a new road bike. No, it isn’t that spiffy pink color that I really wanted. It seems that not many people ride bikes in that hue, but it is still beautiful. To find the right bicycle for my size, my husband posted an ad on Craiglist looking for a size 54 bike.
A very enthusiastic bike rider replied today to his post. As soon as he got home from work, Hubby and I hopped into our Subaru wagon and headed down to Salem, Oregon to check it out.
It was love at first sight. The bike is stunning. I loved its skinny tires, its bright blue and gray paint job, and the smoothness of the shifting gears. It is so different from the clunky bicycle that I had as a child.
We paid the man, who was kind enough to also throw in a helmet for me, and left with my new bike stuffed in the back of the wagon. When we got home, I of course had to show off my new purchase to our kids. They were not as enthusiastic about my bike as I wanted them to be. “That’s nice,” wasn’t enough; I forced them to both take rides on my bike to see just how awesome it really is.
Since it is now too late in the evening to go for a sizeable ride, my first long distance run will have to wait until tomorrow.

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