Monday, June 13, 2011

Must get Lung Transplant

I haven’t been able to ride for several days. My stupid lungs did not enjoy that last ride. My little asthma attack decided to transform into a full blown illness. I have been hacking and coughing for the last week.  Today was the first day I was able to get out on my bike again.
This time I was smart and brought along my inhaler. I also avoided all hills, which isn’t easy to do in Oregon. I rode with hubby through the town, enjoying all of the sights of the small town of McMinnville.
To my pleasant surprise, I found today’s ride actually enjoyable. I liked looking at all of the flowers and bushes in everyone’s yards, and it felt good to get outside and move around.  Maybe bike riding won’t be such a bad thing.
Rode 7.5 miles today.

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